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The academic year passes quickly, and here comes the time to complete the course, which is not a simple condition for graduate students. They are obliged to perform significant research on a chosen topic. But how?

A dissertation is a scientific work defended by the author in the academic council of a scientific institution. This degree is awarded to those scientists who have made a significant contribution to the study of a certain area and urgent problems of our time, and the search for their solutions. So, their dissertation has significant practical and scientific value, which is the basis for further research.

Based on this definition, we identify the features of writing a doctoral dissertation:

  • The scientific community wants to see the work on a relevant topic. That is, the author should consider the problem, the solution of which is necessary to be implemented today. Their dissertation should in no way duplicate other people’s studies on this issue. It is permissible for the author to refer to different opinions of other scientists, but their approach must be absolutely unique.
  • Features of the best dissertation writing suggest the analysis of a huge amount of scientific literature for a study of the problem. The applicant is studying hundreds of sources in a selected area that need to be critically evaluated. These are basic scientific works, articles in specialized publications, monographs, dissertations, official data, and the current laws of the country. All information must be reliable and relevant. In addition, it is necessary to study the work of foreign scientists.
  • The author should reflect their own vision of the issue. A particular achievement when writing about a particular study is a critical analysis of the opinions of other people, the formation of their point of view regarding the interpretation of terms, development trends, classification approaches, and the identification of the root causes of the existence of a problematic situation.
  • All recommendations set forth in the text should be practically applicable, as well as carefully checked for their appropriateness. To do this, we use the construction of models, calculations, assessment of forecasts and risks.
  • The features of a scientific work require a high percentage of uniqueness. The doctoral dissertation should not contain plagiarism, borrowing without attribution, or a huge number of citations.
  • In the course of work on the study, the applicant must write and then publish in dozens of articles on the subject under study. Features of their design, volume, and method of submitting the information are dictated by the requirements of a particular publisher.

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