Can Someone Write My Thesis for Me?

The life of a modern student is filled with ups and downs, but nothing frustrates them more than the endless written assignments they are expected to complete every week. And while some of them, like essays and book reports, are fairly straightforward and don’t take too much time and effort to be done, some of them stand out due to their complexity, and thesis is the most obvious example.

A thesis is viewed by professors as the conclusion of your studies. That is why it’s usually so long and takes months to write. Clearly, some students don’t have the time to write a good thesis when they have dozens of other assignments every week. But even if you do have the time, the nerves often get the best of you and you are not sure you can finish the work. This is where you are usually thinking: “Can someone write a thesis for me?”

Why you should order your thesis online

If you have never had anyone do your academic assignments, you may wonder: “Why should I hire someone to write my thesis paper when most students do it on their own?” However, you likely have no idea how many students actually come to an online writing service and say: “Please write my thesis!”

This type of service has gotten especially popular in the past few years, when the average workload became nearly unbearable for a typical student. When there is simply no way you can finish your paper before the deadline, saying “Do my thesis for me” to a reputable online writing service is basically your only option. But how to choose a reputable company to write your thesis?

How to choose a reliable thesis writer

The danger of hiring an untrustworthy thesis writer for your thesis assignment is very real. Here are just some of the risks you face when you don’t make a good choice of a thesis writing service:

  • Your work is delivered after the deadline, which automatically makes your grade lower or even makes you fail the assignment.
  • Your paper is riddled with grammar and factual mistakes and generally has a very low quality of writing.
  • You pay for your thesis in full before the writer begins working on the order, and then the paper is not delivered at all and the company is impossible to reach.
  • Your paper is plagiarized from one or multiple sources and now you’re facing severe punishment from your school.
  • Your personal data is published on the company website along with your thesis, which lets everyone know that you bought your thesis online.

Who should write your thesis?

So how to make sure that when you tell a writing service “Write my thesis statement for me”, you get a beautifully written paper exactly when you need it? Here are 5 things to look for in a writing service you are considering for the assignment.

  1. Original writing. In order to land you the highest grade, the thesis should be written completely from scratch, with no exceptions. Only plagiarism-free works are accepted in schools.
  2. On-time delivery. If the thesis is written flawlessly but is delivered hours or even days after the deadline, you cannot expect a decent grade. The writing company should specifically promise that your paper will be delivered right on time.
  3. Reasonable rates. A thesis is a very long form of academic writing, which is why your order can cost you thousands if you don’t find a writing service with affordable prices and regular promotions and discounts.
  4. Customer support. Telling someone “Write my thesis” is a rather sensitive matter, and you should always have someone to talk to in case you have any questions or concerns. Ideally, customer support should be available 24/7.
  5. Satisfaction guarantee. In order to always keep you happy with the services they provide, the company should offer unlimited free revisions when you are not happy with your order and a money back guarantee when you feel like your demands have not been met.


A personal narrative thesis is a specific type of academic paper, the point of which is to express your own unique viewpoint by giving some factual information and sharing a personal experience. Essentially, authors tell of their personal experiences in the context of their studies. They must convince readers by providing relevant personal details and data. This thesis can be hard to write as you need to relate the personal information to what you are studying.

One way to help ease the process of writing the personal narrative thesis statement is to turn your essays into mini-narratives. This will allow you to use the structure of an essay but also make the text more engaging and reader-focused. You should keep the text simple but create enough connections within the essay to make it readable and build credibility. You should also consider using quotes from primary sources in the essays as this helps to reinforce your arguments.

The perfect thesis statement will be different for every student. There are no set rules for what constitutes the perfect thesis statement for a reader. Your personal experiences and the current trends will certainly contribute to how your essay turns out, but it is important that you do not rely on these factors alone. A good writing style and the perfect use of keywords will also contribute to how well your personal narrative turns out.

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